Lock stock and barrel she fell. As any wish. Stood by fill and feel her weight on her head. Necked by woo held by coo-ed. If that was the tender summer night. Her nightingale was glamoring its

More to come yet more and to come announced her



So Anti sang her



I like this scholary non-scholarly apparatus



Sep 21
Permalink From Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari we take the related idea of the interweaving of musical and existential refrains (Deleuze and Guattari, 1987: 310ff; Stivale, 2003; Murphie, 1996; Tagg, 1994). In this context, a refrain is ‘any kind of rhythmic pattern any repetition, musical or otherwise that stakes out a territory’ (Bogue, 2003: 17). Refrains — and the mixing of refrains — not only produce new musics but at the same moment produce new cultural territories, holding them together (or dismantling old ones).

Refrains have three aspects. First, they emerge from the desire to reassemble a context. For example, ‘a child in the dark, gripped with fear, comforts himself by singing under his breath::::

MachinE mUsical e delirante

and see what anaxferus has made ...

We're very happy with what Anaxferus has done to our face undoing its image blocked out & in its place invented a bloc of non-visage faciality.... defacing .. what was image...

Somewhere's in a fiction He wrote Jill and Franny wrote their first at 12.


Schizo's Web et DeFaire le Visage

Schizo's Web

Reading Alan Taylor on the Internet

"Above all, the observation must be made that schizoanalysis is
first and foremost a reactive, vital, non-structural approach to
which Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari resort in order to better
evaluate the "post-modern" subject (who, consequently, is
"schizophrenized"; that is, liberated from the artificial "encoding"
structures of psychoanalysis).
As Deleuze and Guattari point out, schizoanalysis has one
"negative" task and two "positive" ones. The former consists of
"deconstructing psychoanalysis" by means of revealing (first
                                                                       positive task) the "desiring machines oppressed by the forces of
Oedipus and society" (coding exerted by Law Enforcement and the
                                                           institutionalizing of madness).
Schizoanalysis "second positive task" is to free desiring
production in all directions. The subject must follow his "natural"
course toward "disintegration." Disintegration meaning the internal
disconnection in relation to pyramidal "stratification." The subject's
movement must be a horizontal one, toward the creation and
exploitation of new potentialities. How does he/we do that?
Through haecceity, the acknowledgement "that everything is in
constant flux."
Therefore the subject loses his "subjectivity" (or his is-ness).
He is no longer a subject, at least not as a "stasis-noun." By
inserting his self in the flux which is "his (repressed) essentiality,"
he becomes mask, the moving, becoming existence to which no
permanent code can be assigned . That is to say, the subject
becomes the "body-without-organs"—Michael Jackson or
Acephalous. The fixed subject loses his head (psychoanalysis
favorite dungeon for torture) and becomes "rhizome." The social
pyramid is substituted by the labyrinth at the same time that the individual's "tree" is replaced by "grass." As Deleuze and Guattari put it, flux is the essential is-ness of the universe. And it has remained so despite its being oppressed by the "stratum" whose function is territorialization: to give form and to control, "imprisoning intensities, locking singularities into systems." The subject beyond Oedipus, the non-Oedipal subject, the resisting subject, fluent and undefinable is schizophrenic by nature, schizophrenic being a static-noun imposed by psychoanalysis to all of those who resist "coding" by its "totalizing theory." A "totalizing theory," as defined by Alan Taylor in his "Wanderings and Reflections on Deleuze and Guattari," is an all-powerful, fascist-like construction of the world to which we must adapt (by"Le racisme européen comme prétention de l'homme blanc n'a jamais procédé par exclusion, ni assignation de quelqu'un désigné comme Autre: ce serait plutôt dans les sociétés primitives qu'on saisit l'étranger comme un "autre". Le racisme procède par déteremination des écarts de déviance, en fonction du visage Homme blanc qui prétend intégrer dans des ondes de plus en plus excentriques et retardées les traits qui ne sont pas conformes, tantôt pour les tolérer à telle place et dans telles conditions, dans tel ghetto, tantôt pour les effacer sur le mur qui ne supporte jamais l'altérité. Du point de vue de racisme, il n'y a pas d'extérieur, il n'y a pas de gens du dehors. Il n'y a que des gens qui devraient être comme nous, et dont le crime et de ne pas l'être." allowing our own territorialization via its enforced codes) and sheepishly believe. Architecturally speaking, such construction is pyramidal. A progressive building of cities, laws and cathedrals (or skyscrapers) which are the representational, Platonic double of the vertical evolutionary-genealogical chain . A "schizophrenized" subject, a subject beyond representation, must seek to pour through the "lines of flight," or breaks, or fractures, in the "strata." He must perform the complete erasure of the boundaries clearly marked by Aristotelian tradition and challenge the old, conservative Being upon which these limits are rooted: the Phallus must fall and genders bent in order to dissolve and disperse the "identity" of the subject construed by, and in obedience to, authority—the authority of Being! Such is the task
necessary to carry out the rupture of the "safe" evolutionary chain
of domineering Being—as seen in the film Jurassic Park. Life finds
the way to break free.
The objective of schizoanalysis is to provoke the discovery of
these lines of flight by means of haecceity and to pursue them falling
into the flux leaving behind Sigmund Freud and Charles Darwin
and all of the monumental, institutional structures of power:
evolution, history and archetypes (upon which the whole "Oedipal
edifice" is built) are only the dead, artificial codes of an oppressive,
repressive logic to whom life (real life) escapes; a logic to which we
have too easily grown accustomed to, frightened as we are to live,
safe inside ourselves, dragging the crutches of a fragmented identity
imposed from, and by, the outside so to pull our maimed humanity
out of bed each morning into a world where nothing is at stake,
where we gamble nothing. Schizoanalysis should aim at the
creation of new potentialities where everyone survives by
assembling new desiring machines within the eternal renovation of
the universe.
Survival should not be the exclusive privilege of the fittest,
but should also include those whose cunning and fleetingness have
enable them to defeat their former master, the fittest, and
consequently the grammar to which the very notions of fitness,
strenght, and domination are indebted; those who insert themselves
into the flux, discover they are desiring machines and transform
through metamorphosis and mutation into mask.
Michael Jackson equals capitalism because he himself became
"desiring production"—hence the need for the emergence of
psychoanalysis' coding to construct—shape—him as a pervert,
child molester, or whatever.
Desiring production is nothing more than the universe's
resort (which inhabits all of us—insofar as we are body-without-
organs) to restore uniqueness and novelty at every moment."

Harrison Mujica-Jenkins

Mona Crrrrrrrrrraved her lunatic a popping sudden ruth to control as was buried the seed of bran hipping time ,its gamey pulcritudes, its massive thrombosis of column and pilaster as her lip to Fanny sowed the thigh of Yes.



Diálogo Filosófico

Diálogo: Deleuze & Guattarri como possíveis libertadores platônicos. (less)
Category Comedy

❝Partout des machines productrices ou désirantes, les machines
schizophrènes, toute la vie générique: moi et non-moi, extérieur et intérieur
ne veulent plus rien dire.

❝Contre la psychanalyse nous n’avons dit que deux choses:
elle casse toutes les productions de désir, elle écrase
toutes les formations d’énoncés.

Gilles Deleuze - Apologia d(e)i (C)reato(ri)

Cosa vuol dire?
Vuol dire che fintanto sei frainteso sei in qualche maniera inteso.
Ma è nel momento in cui smetti di anche di essere frainteso che scateni la reazione nell'altro.
Soprattutto se costui percepisce che qualcosa da intendere c'è in quel che dici e che a lui proprio non riesce in alcun modo di intenderlo.
Ed a maggior ragione se capisce che qualcun altro a differenza di lui lo intende.
Non c'è nulla di più pericoloso che costringere qualcuno a non poter fare a meno di sentirsi stupido.
E di norma si sa che più uno è stupido più è convinto di non esserlo - e viceversa.
Da qui la reazione "da stupido" che inevitabilmente scatena minare la sua presunta intelligenza.
E allora è di gran lunga preferibile essere considerati stupidi dagli stupidi ed essere calunniati di conseguenza, che mettere in condizione gli stupidi di sentirsi stupidi.
Ne va talvolta della "nostra" incolumità fisica.
Non v'è miglior chiosa a quanto ora detto che ricorrere ancora una volta ad una aforisma di Wilde...

Non v'è peccato al di fuori della stupidità

Chi ha orecchie per (fra)intendere (fra)intenda.

Rosario Tedesco


in delirium...

In delirium (I feel that) I become God, I become woman, I was Joan of Arc, and I am Heliogable, and the Great Mogul, a Chinese, an Indian, a Templar, I was my father and I was my son. And all criminals....

Giles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, L'Anti-Oedipe (1972)

yea Mona become god become godling forest track Joan of arcing as when I am Heliogable great Mogul... and become an assyrian kingdom a bedroom of bevel ... of father

But not mama papa no this line of breakage as when a fast car caves in tonight greeting the winging wind...


chaque fois

Chaque fois que le désir est trahi, maudit, arraché
à son champ d’immanence, il y a un prêtre là-dessous.
Le prêtre a lancé la triple malédiction sur le désir:
celle de la loi négative, celle de la règle extrinsèque,
celle de l’idéal transcendant. Tourné vers le nord,
le prêtre a dit: Désir est manque (comment ne manquerait-il
pas de ce qu’il désire?).[…] Puis, tourné vers le sud, le prêtre
a rapporté le désir au plaisir. Car il y a des prêtres
hédonistes et même orgastiques.[…] Le plaisir-décharge:
le prêtre opère le second sacrifice nommé masturbation.
Puis, tourné vers l’est, il s’écrie: Jouissance est impossible,
mais l’impossible jouissance est inscrite dans le désir.
Car tel est l’Idéal, en son impossibilité même, «le manque-àjouir
qu’est la vie».[…] La figure la plus récente du prêtre
est le psychanalyste avec ses trois principes, Plaisir,
Mort et Réalité.
❝Partout des machines productrices ou désirantes, les machines
schizophrènes, toute la vie générique: moi et non-moi, extérieur et intérieur
ne veulent plus rien dire.
❝Contre la psychanalyse nous n’avons dit


entrance into life’s so narrow & the exit’s so wide

Entrances life narrow exit wide? she say what is mid-riff yer girth's guts. Too short detraque love bud her fast walk subway . Same time her image is a serving to beauty's fast feast .Paranoia's foresight. Alarmism! they call'd but they went to gaol. I on theE other hand,went to Gail.

So let start in the middle baby, you meet me there, and I'll meet you here. Or her[e] [t]here . Oof Poof!

Dear dear Fanny mon amour _ ageing saging swift quick: ageing quick, according to Fanny, on the contrary...that patience which really allows the grasping of all the speeds which pass. ... yes, yes the patience of speed. Temperature as opposed to temperment. Easy to say, easy to remind, easier to write, as to do, what is to do for us, my berry berry Frannyfoo~ J't'aime.
Deconner mon frere yes we wander knowing this. As will to wish is want to will, so glovers peak their trestle hell bound down bent ~ .

Flight delirium of across sky.
On the lectern right track left track traque .

comment of your mouth in these thighs. her whoredom in palidromia is floor boards, mattresses and cake. All for these teeth, and her ass.


Monsieur Artaud, you're raving!

Artaud himself tells us as much: "I wanted a theatre that would be like
a shock treatment, galvanize, shock people into feeling.'' In another passage ...

Monsieur Artaud, you're raving!: "'Sorceresses Reborn' website Monsieur Artaud, you are raving! The executioners are still around Andréine & Bernard Bel Seminar: In Homage to Antonin Artaud Delhi University & National School of Drama New Delhi, January 1997. Part of this text was published in a brochure by the Embassy of France in India (D. Sarfaty-Varma, ed.), p.36. Antonin Artaud was prompt at rejecting floating abstractions, beliefs, common-sense and the glorified gobbledygook that passes for mental sanity among ordinary citizens. He was a threat to 'normal' people, although less as an eccentric or a drug addict (like many visionary artists) than in his way of unsettling the communicative functions of language. Ah, these states that are never named, these eminent positions of the soul, ah, these intermissions of the mind, ah, these minuscule failures which are the nourishment of my hours, ah, this population teeming with facts -- I always use the same words and really I don't seem to advance very much in my thinking, but actually I am advancing more than you, bearded asses, pertinent pigs, masters of the false word, wrappers of portraits, serial writers, groundlings, cattle raisers, entomologists, plague of my speech. From 1937 to 1946 Artaud was detained in psychiatric hospitals. He was administered insulin"

From 1937 to 1946 Artaud was detained in psychiatric hospitals. He was administered insulin therapy and nearly fifty electric shocks provoking states of coma (and even causing the fracture of a dorsal vertebra). His case adds to a notorious list of achievements of "scientific" mental cure, with Vaslav Nijinsky, Camille Claudel, Vincent van Gogh, Friedrich Nietzsche, Soren Kierkegaard, Wilhelm Reich, Freud's patient Daniel Paul Schreiber, etc. Indeed, none of these cases occurred in a totalitarian state. Yet they did not prompt significant reactions from the intelligentsia their victims belonged to. There was (and still is) a tacit consensus regarding the logical end of a deviant, disturbing and unpredictable behaviour, and psychiatry appeared (appears) the inevitable and dependable solution. In 1939, the great Jacques Lacan |who so many praise as having more insight than Freud and Jung, had examined Artaud and told Roger Blin:

He's fixed, he will live up till eighty years of age, he won't write a line any more, he's fixed.

Even Freud knew better than to meddle with the process of the artist psyche.

Jung would have heard lines of intelligence in the "ravings" of Artaud.

Artaud fixed ? like some poor dumb cat? _ Like shit.

Artaud (1947):

So, society has strangled in its asylums all those it wanted to get rid of or protect itself from, because they refused to become its accomplices in certain great nastiness.

(...) And this is how modern life maintains its old atmosphere of debauchery, anarchy, disorder, delirium, derangement, chronic insanity, bourgeois inertia, psychic anomaly (for it is not man but the world which has become abnormal), deliberate dishonesty and notorious hypocrisy, stingy contempt for everything that shows breeding, (...) in short, of organised crime.

Artaud's argument with his physician in Rodez (who was combining electroconvulsive therapy with "art-therapy") is revealed in the account:

I reminded Dr. Ferdière that I had been in Mexico, and I had climbed up a mountain on horseback during six days to meet a race of indian sorcerers living at the altitude of six thousand meters, that I had found them but had endured numberless spells during 28 days, the impressions of which I had consigned in my little book "A Voyage to the Land of the Tarahumara." (...)

He answered: No, you were not bewitched by those indians, it is delirium to believe it, and since your delirium still makes you believe it I am going to write to your friend Jean Paulhan that I intend to administer you a new series of electric shocks.

-- I told him, come on, you've read this book, you've put it into your library as one of the best writings ever done in French since long, so you said, and now you are telling me you are going to treat me for having written it...

-- Indeed, he replied, because I am here to straighten out your poetry.

Artaud saw in Vincent van Gogh a faithful replica of his own torment. After the painter's suicide he wrote:

Dr. Gachet would not tell van Gogh that he was there to straighten out his painting (...) but he used to send him to paint from nature, and bury himself in a landscape to escape the pain of thinking.

Except that, as soon as van Gogh had turned his back, Dr. Gachet turned off the switch of his mind.

(...) I myself spent nine years in an insane asylum and I never had the obsession of suicide, but I know that each conversation with a psychiatrist, every morning at the time of his visit, made me want to hang myself, realising that I would not be able to cut his throat.

In Artaud's view, van Gogh had been "suicided by society" (the "executioners"):

Besides, one does not commit suicide by oneself.

No one has ever been born by oneself.

No one dies by oneself either.

This may be related to the (late) awakening of psychiatrists acknowledging an ineluctable relationship between presumed psychic disorders and social rejection or submission. In 1986, Prof. Edouard Zarifian stated:

Delirium requires at least two persons, as it arises from the other's judgment, and that judgment is based on the socio-cultural norm. At first there is no fundamental difference between the normal and the pathological. Now that I have been around a long time in the practice, I no longer think that one is allowed to say there are mad and normal people: there exist states, that is all.

Nonetheless it is hard to take the popular belief for granted that mental cure has evolved "radically" during the past decades, for the same renovation myth has been proclaimed since the early days of psychiatry. During our animation work in one of the most "advanced" mental cure hospitals in France, in 1992, patients told us the humiliations and punishments they were still enduring.

Neither Heaven nor Hell, if they exist, can do anything against this brutality which they have imposed on me, perhaps so that I may serve them... Who knows?

In any case, in order to lacerate me.

When exorcism had lost credibility, alienated people were thrown to jail, or chained and beaten up in mental asylums. Straitjackets, lobotomy and electric shock treatment were in vogue in Artaud's time (and are occasionally used nowadays). Devices change, but the "executioners" are still around using the ones modern society deems acceptable. Today, the clean and invisible "chemical camisole" of suppressants takes care of preserving cultural and social norms.

When I believed that I was denying this world, I know now that I was denying the Void.

For I know that this world does not exist and I know how it does not exist.

What I have suffered from until now is having denied the Void.

The Void which was already within me.

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Jon Cogburn's Blog: Theory Critics and Theory-Theory Critics: ".... t h en I said I didn't think there was any way the distinction could be made correctly, he just walked away (at least he didn't force me to have dozens of shock treatments like the real Lacan did to the hapless Antonin Artaud)."

Mona hath ear from who have earsome to hear. Of shocing Mister Lacan the brutal bastard shocking to near death Mister Artaud. Right, go ahead, try that aloof Lacanian bullshit therapy. Crapola baby, no way to 'treat' yer schizophrenic.

yes, Artaud died on shock therapy table. He speak of that.


mista ca n c a n

a little crowded in here dont you think Mister Can~Can. When miss boring neurotic drag you into her insecurity neurosis. what room for you & yer flight. yer fancy. yer insecure _ in se_cure __ I see. I see.

her knock was holded character. of between its becomings she cut him. i go she say. agin to cut his heart.

over some antioedipus italiano