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Oedipus Rex (Pasolini 1967) Tiresias and Oedipus

this is not what guattari and deleuze are arguing against in the Antioedipus.... this is the tragic bloody story, and not the whining whimpering one of the analytic couch

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Oedipus Rex (Pasolini 1967) Oedipus kills his father

it's the father who's fearful. he was "warned' set up by the god machinery. barbarian despotic machine? end of line, dropspot? no other choice , out,
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balance sheet

Hexcerpts from Félix Guattari, "Balance-Sheet Program for Desiring Machines," Chaosophy Plateau: New York: Semiotext[e], __ 1995 _______

"Oedipus will prompt a great many moans and whimpers yet. It will inspire research projects that are more and more unreal. It will continue to nourish dreams and phantasies. Oedipus is a vector: 4, 3, 2, 1, 0...Four is the famous fourth symbolical term, 3 is the triangulation, 2 is the dual images, 1 is narcissism, and 0 is the death instinct. Oedipus is the entropy of the desiring-machine, its tendency to external abolition." Yes,yes, it is so, dear lovers. of the Page and weeks. As when a bucket drops its entropy to end of terminus.


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