Miller A/O~

There is no primacy of the individual; there is instead an indissolubility of a singular Abstract and a collective Concrete. The abstract machine does not exist independently of the assemblage, any more than the assemblage functions independently of the machine.

Iwant to make a detour of those lofty arid mountain ranges where one dies of thirst and cold, that "extra-temporal" history, that absolute of time and space where there exists neither man, beast, nor vegetation, where one goes crazy with loneliness, with language that is mere words, where everything is unhooked, ungeared, out of joint with the times. I want a world of men and women, of trees that do not talk (because there is too much talk in the world as it is!), of rivers that carry you to places, not rivers that are legends, but rivers that put you in touch with other men and women, with architecture, religion, plants, animals--rivers have boats on them and in which men drown, drown not in myth and legend and books and dust of the past, but in time and space and history.
- Henry Miller, Tropic of Cancer

the forgot one of schizophrenizes of Capricorn the umblical highway, the embryonic trains. the whistle top of desire. ah, yes, desire plasir. come toi mon[e] chere.

Jill was a schizo porter a prophet in her own write, she cited the uncitable invited. She jammed and kisshipped her friend lips.
The prophet is always being forced by God, literally violated by him, much more than inspired by him. The prophet is not a priest. The prophet does not know how to talk, God puts words in his mouth: word-ingestion, a new form of semiophagy.



                                                                                                                 its a question of 
molecules.... eh, the molecules which draw you... something fundamental..

find your molecules... eh, find them find the ones... the sensibilities...find the ones who say something eh,... to you,... eh,, the ones that work... which ones

eh, and never never spend a moment criticizing what someone is doing, never never ... criticize ... something and if they criticize you...say yes , yes, and pass o
n ... pass on

____________________ An Ideal and certainly not a fact ___


thisis one place

This is one place Mona cant be corrected, she's redacted beyond, comble over fence and wire, hurting her coos and woos her shoulder expressed love, a spanish boot in the clicking of the wind
Mona nary a tarry marries Pierre-Felix, her naming-becoming I am Felix Guattari the seconde and will not take and tolerate yer thelogical butt holes, or button shoes.



with the twelvth day of her saviour she's gathered geese and berries. carried on task to abundant fairies not a single synedoche she's muraled hand feet and awesome fractal her tundra of festooned bridge . Nose scaping its wayward woman lover.
if this e_suse is her love she's done the deed of genesis and waif.
tinkered by woo lip and caplet of ice .

over a waiting head her cream fulness of courage a palfrey riding field for field hoofing it s long legging near rumbling cannon
arrow buried gone


Geleuze Duattari bib_lios _ Mona's knowing_Mollies etc

Molly in Furs: Deleuzean/Masochian Masochism in the Writing of James Joyce Frances L. Restuccia
NOVEL: A Forum on Fiction, Vol. 18, No. 2 (Winter, 1985), pp. 101-116

ass_eSS RESTRICTED. do not pass go thermodynAmic Topoi and tropes but not metaphor as desringmachines are not metaphors but are replaced by Agencement _ agencing? assmeblages AssemblogS? the the shock of prohibition access limit/genre defier. Mona monkey hamburger the dynamic of dryadic. Padding her buttered blossom. Her blossom butterd by lip of K's gal!

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Rosenberg, Martin E. "Dynamic and Thermodynamic Tropes of the Subject in Freud and in Deleuze and Guattari"
Postmodern Culture - Volume 4, Number 1, September 1993,
The Johns Hopkins University Press


© 1993
PMC 4.1

[O]rators and others who are in variance are mutually experiencing something that is bound to befall those who engage in senseless rivalry: believing that they are expressing opposite views, they fail to perceive that the theory of the opposite party is inherent in their own theory.

--Thrasymachus of Chalcedon


In their recent work Qu'est-ce que la philosophie? (1991), Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari make explicit the role that the concept of chaos plays in their representations of subjectivity, with respect to philosophy, science and the arts.1 I wish to exfoliate the chaotic in Deleuze and Guattari's works, for their analysis of the ways in which chaos may be used referentially in philosophy, science and the arts in this later work may interfere with readers' attempts to grapple with manifestations of chaos as a referent in their earlier collaboration, the two volumes subtitled Captialism and Schizophrenia: Anti-Oedipus and A Thousand Plateaus. One way to make visible Deleuze and Guattari's recourse to the chaotic in these two works is to examine the role that particular physics tropes play in their representation of subjectivity, especially since the tropes that model the subject in these two works engage agonistically with those that model subjectivity in the...

and synapsed of it hundred thousand tinier sexes between her calm palms and dates with cherries, celery, fanlights Oyzmandiaz, whales of further league.
A thousand tiny sexes: Feminism and rhizomatics
Journal Topoi
Publisher Springer Netherlands
ISSN 0167-7411 (Print) 1572-8749 (Online)
Subject Humanities, Social Sciences and Law
Issue Volume 12, Number 2 / September, 1993
DOI 10.1007/BF00821854
Pages 167-179
Online Date Monday, December 13, 2004

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A thousand tiny sexes: Feminism and rhizomatics

Elizabeth Grosz1

Healths I have known many come and gone,its staple diet. Gorgeous passages in Essays by Deleuze about
health a& Geleuze Duattari shapes in other bookings
about fraility of Writer's Health
Health:, Vol. 6, No. 3, 347-363 (2002)
DOI: 10.1177/136345930200600306
© 2002 SAGE Publications
Refracting ‘Health’: Deleuze, Guattari and Body-Self
Nick J. Fox

University of Sheffield, UKn.j.fox@sheffield.ac.uk

This article considers ‘health’ and issues of embodiment through the prism of Deleuze and Guattari’s framework of theory. Deleuze and Guattari speak of an embodied subjectivity, a ‘body-without-organs’ (BwO), which is the outcome of a dynamic tension between culture and biology. This BwO – or ‘body-self’– is a limit, the outcome of physical, psychological and social ‘territorialization’, but which may be ‘deterritorialized’ to open up new possibilities for embodied subjectivity. The question ‘what can a body do?’ is posed to address issues of health and illness. The physical, psychological, emotional and social relations of body-self together comprise the limit of a person’s embodied subjectivity, and as such delimit its ‘health’. ‘Illness’ is a further limiting of these relations, while health care may offer the potential to de-territorialize these relations, opening up new possibilities. This model suggests the importance of a collaborative approach to illness, health and health care.

Key Words: Deleuze • embodiment • Guattari • postmodernism • subjectivity

colossal squid rotating hookS

Very like a whale, eh Sire?
Male Colossal Squid

Devour'd by Female Colossal Lover
whose fifty feet long

and Mister Whale comething along Old bull
arrives Antartic waters deep cold oxygen depths

water shelf a crystal maze shell cold

Mister Whale of antiquity

probing honecomby maze navigate under roof blocks air
passageway to flight where is the air?
O Eye of Old?

Sea Monster LoverJaw scallops

yer twenty thousand leagues under
Mister Lautreomont bearing south
with 30, 000 ships
trafficing over the seas each
day where does the Bull go
Bull go, where O Shark?
O Bull of Whale Levithan of Abyss
Sperm Whale heading for deeps
shallows are shaky his sonar sensing 1600 feet away
seoemthing is outntthere
for 80 years around around
globing O giant
half amilllion deep dives
greenland to the anatartic

cape horn
tallest mountains
monsters of the abyss
taken on

Oceana oddyssee ends atth threshold of surface world
OddYSee a beach

for the first time feels hisown weight
its god eye stillS when he dies
sired over 60 offspring
80 years

O the ancient of day met the Kraken Kraken Kraken
'esonychoteuthis hamiltoni
fearsome squid 12 metered length

—longer than a whale
a whale longer to die
its death
a breadth to Levithan's hoop
ing tendrils
sea bed

the depther
charge life & breath

the Oedipal boomer encounts
the AnoEdipal ridge
of cupping


fear of writing with deleuze's friend derrida

Derrida speaks fear Writing

Added August 23, 2006
From jmettes
Outtake from the movie "Derrida" (2002)

Once and UpPon a time Jacky DeReader spoke to Mona, and she spoke to Franny
who said to Jill that man Dereader is here, hes coming to town to town to de
construct the defenestration of the strata settings of the war and word...
and language... O Jill thrilled her pumping molecule
staying at home....

she was pilloried on desire's little box machine.. Love to her. and Him.
I wont ha ve to wander alone anymore she was known to repeat
loving his words lovin them to _ the son of the Muse was
Jacky DeReader