this found not long ago_ translations of and and and

immances you have seen heard felt O wise owl
o awl of the serrating edge my prophetess

shaved under the cowl
its recess white


of sometimes_the Full Body of the Earth

Of sometimes joy

... As foR the schizo... Mona cutting back her body two sided giant gaited .... continually wandering about,,, street walking when can, not pilled, shocked by the therapists of .... wandering around migrating


and everywhere as best she can, _ when she can or forced, to wander,
kicked out deinstitutionlized, _ what came first, eh>? O Fanny farmer of schizoidoidal land hunkering in new York cold ___ she plunges further and further into
the realm
of deterritorialization___ Reaching the _ oh OR thrown

Yes Thrown _ the further farthest limits of the decomposing

of the Socius on the surface of his own Body without Organs.

These peregrinatiOns

and he is pUnished for it

He is shocked pulled and pilledd
the real schizos not the fakery ones

It might be between these peregrinations these thrust on the street walks
hes discovering the silent earth

of the Full Body of the Earth


the|Le Roi des Coeurs_ bedlam bivouac

"the...patient resumption (not Assumption Anti) of the process, or on the contrary its interruption _ (can you see the Virgin Mary's Assumption being cut off? as she havers to heaven cloud lifted by a lung bitch?)__ the two are so closely inter-related that they can only be evaluated each within the other.

"how would the schizo's voyage _ dig Lenz and others _ Jesse Watkins, now that was a mad voyage_ but what others smash'd batter'd riipped apart by the mental healthy system? _ some voyage! eh, more like a Celine novel smashed apart by the hates of life,the punishments_ not a squeaky journey to the South Seas_ but the line of flight gutter'd and beaten to the ground ___ So to resume How could the schizo's voyage be possible independent of certain circuits, how could it exist without a

( a place to land, a territory a home some place to crash, eh? _ gotta a place to crash said Jill, hugging her copy of AntiOedipus __ and __
I need a body to borrow _ can I lend yours to me?)

round and round we go the land the land the landing the landing the landing s disembarkations

Her arm and bracelet are sore. she call. she say death be a wicky name to me and the rope rhythm come again over its heading name ___ ____ .

But___in_versEly _


particle absolute

page 38-9 'real inorganization" of the passive synthesis.
Ecrits pour Franny et Mona sur[e] le tete ||

of course properitorial relations to views are something, eh?
C'est quoi, Mona mamour