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Mona never transferred a thin gin her life, the undone hills and mating game were not for her. knot for her tiding navel cord to bind unind and bond. was she seeing things in the dark, or wasting away the channels of desire along the serendipity of her becomings? coitus interruptus?or no coitus at all. the galas the gals the glass saw darklya letter to permutate your skin, her perfume, the death of songers and writers.

For we must not delude ourselves: Freud doesn’t like schizophrenics. He doesn’t like their resistance to being oedipalized, and tends to treat them more or less as animals. They mistake words for things, he says. They are apathetic, narcissisitic, cut off from reality, incapable of achieving transference; they resemble philosophers—‘an undesirable resemblance.’A-O, 23

Chalked wall of height white wall the taverna, Greece the four noble truths heralds to her shiel. Grimacing chide of the apes, he the ape of death, and the gorilla of leaf and hemp, over his heel swinging dream-flake off the black of the tenement or the librarian hover her cyrstal ball hanging the drapes, the wood. Play blindman 's bluff by the green cave moss. soft to mouth



riding oedipus & her cock sure way
path mouth
over the 1st sand

suction section

Plexus the mineral streets of Brooklyn_ Miller's rabid wander
the strive _ walks he took. he was sheending.

from the moment

from the moment there is genius,

__here is something that belongs to no
no period, _________________________

something that achieves a break

through ...

and it doesnt belong exclusively to poets
that 'ecole' of maniacs!


No kidding anti, she washes her hairs in the liffey!



I had no time to write short books. so after the first ones with Fannyfelid felix happy culprit i wrote these milles plateaus of flowrs.. banished the head, and golf'd the god? does that surprise anyone?

why begrimed by solitude & mess, when pottage is its own cure
there is no pslam like the one of the analogue and
palm or some bacon in the night
or lenz
or leibnitz fairytale.,
why are the surprise

at such a title of love and boxes?
come to my shade one.



productio... bricolagist

production machine wont let desir e go outso bounces off lineflight createsneurosiss of& other styleof follyperverseterritoires

commes ils dit en A/Opourquoi ce genre de parler?parle? qui parle? personneof this and that Antiyer wired to the tillmaking yer bricks workunder time_________

connect this to other
pieces bricoleur
oui nous sommes bricoleurs
aussi bricoleurs d'amour

bricolagist je suis
je suis bricollagist d'amour


sombre precursor_2

silly 'true' you've confused the true and real. whats true is not true tomorrow. she even knows that.
come here pleasure me now. humpy! what is the shoudler of Oedipus the tree lined work. of her.
un-nameable sexes

'true' poetry. no true criticism is prose poetry. inn deed. in deed they went hoppin to the inn at beth _ beth _ not Bess, I said, I said. a tthe bethel hem inn hem hinn. true precursor. was inns of . court. over winter gold. asure. and mites of old. their fair fathered. and . true prose was criticism. as was seen in m's time. ww. and ww. was preu . lude. in lude in prelude to the walk of the city . one time was I. in hill and hale.. over the bank. of forget me not. and its. no. back to . france. okay. catherine. sorb. bo.
sobering thought tied to the blade and hospice. sometimes not aleatory. or th

walks meadowland to t


not so. of its charity laden face.
licks stamps. chief stamp collectoer. of vein and leave.
or grass and lake. over the lake and next to the stamp and over by winding so it was then i heard the pairing time of its rowing or the shadow overhead a cloud bearing down and afterward the child was the mother of the fan . its sticklebound back close to her call from greece.