Knit _

who was it your mother made love with Oedipo?
yer father

yer father

gathering like the silver waves

leaving the graves of sphinx becoming

over the tiers

yer rather grieving the years
when wave cracked beats

hit the sand

Trieme and poltroon

platoon of face

a gene grasping the Cyclop

'in this secular maze of kindness
and refuge '



bestirary of air
zoo of fate
its eating the fight busting gut
stampede over the tiga

as Anti's head butts the wall
of the reverse mirror

a gleaming gelatin plate
or some eagler bearing off with tips of free heart
purged by lover spots and cougar whips
your heart
Anti words prose when cinematic stars leak your head

or a nose in a fountain of rain
locked up the by the link of the sky

needled by crayfish silver fish
or other crays and ilse of lunar
feet which bounced beep

you have parchment feet
or guessing goddesses

'He binds without combat' throws a single eye
encasts the war machine _ or a jurist king
cutting the fence
and at Mille Plateau you bury the
utensils ends alliances
starting un-natural couplings


the Anti Oedipus

March 25, 2006
From glermsoares

from youtube