body without organ texts

body without organ texts

Ha! there was a body without organ texts. And they were sitting on the
fence, facing the recto verso version of their self. What slave of self
was it they fourfaced in the varied corner of their structured
simultaneous self-hood. What blood was it poured down them?
Sifting through the city market of his dead body piece (god
scattered rafter scaffolds all about), the left handed god awakened
The right handed sheep death at last. Some nominative noun passed
on finally. And the anglo-saxon language of sleep awoked near the end of
bridges and other torments. A peronsalized self dread walked away from,
near the infinite Knight of armour and infinite delectation and
repetition. O Angels! O Savoir!
What peel of lip
O lover of my mouth
You who are San Francisco a whole city character allegory
A figure-image name Nietzsche Daugher and Milton agains the
Zarathustra wind and thunder of prolegemonon
rolling word of tinder and sex pull in arrondissment street
through quarter and avenue of every funeral and Pere Lachaise
O stinger of the chill spine
malevont as night's deepest witch
As sex and dead desire the buddhist money on my back.
Dead philosopher of the sage West run back east to hear the curtain
call of saviour and rest.

Now breath and die O anagram
Breath and reposed in the arms of the nymph
travelling the link of street and desire
O Anagram of nymph and play
against any desire

any word


live recording oding

Better the Critique.
Better than the rest of the PotBoiled Mania.
Lobsters my Arse!
the schizophrenic egg is like the bio... egg.. is that Bacon and eggs? sunny side up my stoic lo ver? must you test yerself always before giving yer body up to surrender its sweety sappy selves, its sussurruss? its susrusian? is . or . wait.
come to kellombs. .. eggs and stoics or nuns and buns. shes holding her cheers for the alacrity of the day that wont arrive, a Multitude then an Empire or in reVerSe order fear'd to le t squeamish self forward for fear of busting the barrel... Imperial Empire... no out the oat of the schizo my svelte borderliner ... yer eyes of narcissimmmo clamped down their panes in yer closing off. shop.. Palease end this Italian stalemate.... we're lookin at assemblages and machinces not machiennes... mon chine Mon China Mona China... Mon Chin my chin yer heart of skip boom boom tag...
better a waitress than a neurotic on the boader... Love's bitter gasp has always been yer bootin button...

Better Luckas than Saussure! or yer so sure? are you now, then get over and kiss my knees. What, get out of the 68 thing will ya? did U see what happened in Paris, last , yes, and this, yes and we have translationS of the recent reactionary comments of both the 68'serS and the 2005'ers. O in Paris it was very Dublin.
So then, get yer nose out of books.

"...for words are not symbols of things, they are symbols of meanings." --Lukacs
Fanny said one day to Jill as she was writing really really fast: Donc, and therefore, & shld. we admit mIlton and aRtaud to MillesPlateau which was the name of a nonprofit for artists poets ORgan and orregen assEmbLed by Bernad Pilon, Peter Dube and Clifford Duffy in the year of our Lordy and Lady in 1989. or the , rather the winter of, 1990. and produced one Show. Live PeRForMance Nietzsche's Daughter at les FouFounesElectriques 1991

Now Mona dont like the looks of this.
Neither does she. Or holding the baits, shes a crooked thief, or mercury monster, of his thighs.

to be contin.

Such is the bivallial and herstoryies of the schizos. her toe and slipper lugged for loverdoverdom.


she had

she had snail and sneaker. peeker to the seven river. of canny paces where the streetheart
met its looming dixie and the foredown shade

shale of blossom and coral of wheat

hunted to the end infinite oat of song


thy butt 'st know no-name Oedipus
carrying villages in your light hem
the darquiri twinkle sustains orchards gives
light where fairies flutter. Some alliteration
shuttles between switch tracking and cinema
a girl's harrowed fane is the torch
quilting the eyes from change


If I call you brother,
its because Im your sister
inthe wedding gown of incest's dram
atization of ground un covered by bodies missing the message
not personal
in green field and dale.

Some machine clicked a door shut
buried paranoia was the walking out show,
not screaming hysterics. Something was injuring the day.

Not Oedipus, not you.
Not me, not him.

Between two buttons.

is that

is that a book you're holding in your hand, Oedipus?
or is that _______ name?


something close to appearance over the side of the black er
hole hold heaving goes Capin Ahab, rousting the mirthy
Not so a wave where barbarian despotic
tyrannies covet


and this was Anti's first choice

is that a hand you're barring next to your peeled apple?
an onion treat

a milkshake to warm
the appetizers


between two blogs

worlds of time
the ..." maudlin crying to be loved... which yer knees go all ricky...
two bellies for the ruminant

an aunt of disproportionate


soft couch hat
encompassed wisdom's gree bottle

uc worf
whin _E

plain. com

always demands a toll. __ >>> Pay here Please.

To sing doesn't cost a penny.

Nothing more than a bit of a relation to the Outside, a little
real reality
sweet one[s]
I love you.

Sing yer heart into yer thorax
over hill and pail
weavin the bucket of Boom! and Boom!
Crumpof buttocked rolled Rhythm

Courage consists however in agreeing to flee...


between entre


enTre Deux Lesbiennes


cette chanson de mal aime

le schizo paranoinoique?
ton langue de lettrererereletletletlet

cest un poet

Sil VouS Plait Mon. Mons.

quelle maitre's

she hushed.
and lesbic
tongued to his working mouth



Desire can never be deceived. Interests can be deceived, unrecognized, or betrayed, but not desire. Whence Reich's cry: no,the masses were not deceived, they desired fascism, and that is what has to be explained. It happens that one desires against one's own interests: capitalism profits from this, but so does socialism, the party, and
the party leadership. A/O 257

Mona had a party she got kicked. Out of. Not a fiction friction but
episteme of motorcycle and side-kick. She was Reich's whence, forth
it went with her hips , jelly-roll up the avenue.
African woman, afghani woman, Caucasus.
Cuts. across the arms of.