the table

the schizophrenic table is a body-without with Out -organs .... thus the schizophrenic, possessor of the most touchingly meangre capital __ Malone's belongings, for instance ....

A/O 12

a table you cannot sit at
belongings you don't transport
in your mouth solely
the dialectical contradic tion ashe smashed

____________ Poetry is like that table.... Bissett does a lot of this in his work across several mediums __ a transversal of verse, performance and painting.


it eats and heats

it eats and heats ca mange the word heats the dialectic reason machines plugged unplugged an asthma an emphysema talk he was my professor il etait mon professeur my teacher the smell of tabac the hour of night philosophy on the Outside|||

It does all that & so much more, does it knot?

capitalism and schizophrenia

on the left of the page capitalism

in between the surplus energy the code of undifferentiated. The horror of the created and the blank stare of the body-without-organs.